Webster's Dictionary defines a blue goose as "a wild goose with a white head and dark plumage that is a genetic color variant of the snow goose".
This may be true, but to me the original Blue Goose will always be Gene Scott, my grandpa. You see, this was his CB handle back in the days when he used to camp and play on his old 40 channel CB. This venture is a tribute to the love and respect I have for my grandpa as well as to his love of pictures.
I don't think I can remember a time when he didn't have a camera of some sort with him taking pictures of whatever he happened to see during his travels. I think some of his love of taking pictures rubbed off on me, and this is why I chose the name Blue Goose Imaging for my company name.  My family is important to me and as such I understand how important it is to have true to life photos to help you remember those moments.  Having said that, I hope you enjoy the images here and I look forward to helping you preserve memories of your family and friends.

Tony "Blue Goose" Reitz